Gilgamesh Rising performed by Year One Creative Writing MST group

On Sunday, my poetry cycle Gilgamesh Rising, first performed at the PEN USA Jubilee Festival on Sunset Boulevard, LA, was presented by my talented Year One Creative Writing MSt group. They had less than an hour from receiving the scripts to putting on the performance and did fantastically well. It was great for me to hear the audience laughing at the right bits and being moved at the right bits – an important rite of passage for any play or drama. Here we are celebrating afterwards. Sam (who played Sin-lique-unnini the scribe brilliantly as a world weary journalist) took the second pic with Christine (who played the prostitute, Shamhat in a delightfully feisty, sassy and savvy way) in the line up.

Gilgamesh Rising 005 Gilgamesh Rising 008

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