Singing for Inanna Praise Poem workshop at Keats House, 4th October 2014

We had a wonderful time discussing the 2,300 BC poet Enheduanna and tracing her influence on Arabic poetry through Andalusian troubadour poetry to Keats’ odes and the present day. We wrote some poems about things we loved and made an MP3 recording of highlights, beautifully accompanied by Patricia de Mayo on her oud. We are going to get together again soon with the wonderful Fran Hazleton who runs the Enheduanna Society, to see where Inanna will take us next. If you’re interested in joining the group, please let me know.

Here is my Facebook post about it, with photos.

Congratulations on a fantastic and successful workshop. It was so lovely to have the house full of poetry and song on an otherwise rather miserable afternoon.
Frankie Kubicki, Events Manager, Keats House

To order Singing from Inanna, ask your local bookshop or order direct from Mulfran Press –

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