The World is my Country reading at the Poetry Cafe

At Hylda Quay and Peace News’s The World is my Country reading on Friday at the Poetry Cafe, with Alan Brownjohn, Leon Rosselson and Adnan Al-Sayegh.

One key aspect of the First World War receiving little or no attention in this year’s commemorations is the history of the people and organisations that opposed it. The event offered new insights on World War One and its objectors with poems and songs commissioned by Peace News and introduced by PN’s Emily Johns. Apparently, Leon and Hylda first met on a CND march and have been marching together ever since…fantastic!

Alan Brownjohn reading.
10548036_760433517327077_4290366157913955706_o (1)
Leon Rosselson performing


Jenny Lewis and Adnan Al-Sayegh reading ‘The Gods Punish Gilgamesh with Enkidu’s Death’, with Hylda Quay, event organiser.


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