Departure Points: day school Holburne Museum, Bath 11th April 2015

Jlewis bath classDeparture Points

11th April 2015

Tickets £40/35 concessions

Tutor: Jenny Lewis



‘Other echoes/ inhabit the garden. Shall we follow?’ and ”The detail of the pattern is movement” (Four Quartets)

Here’s an Ekphrastic Poetry Day School I’m running on 11 April (10.30-4.30) at the beautiful Holburne Museum, Bath. Drawing inspiration from a range of contemporary paintings by some of Britain’s best known modern artists: Gwen John to Lucian Freud – 32 paintings and drawings by, among others, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Howard Hodgkin, Richard Hamilton, Graham Sutherland, Alfred Wallis (including Ship Among Tall Waves) and John Nash, are linked by the theme of ‘home’, ‘the world’ and ‘journeys of the mind and imagination.’ With additional musings from T.S. Eliot! I hope some of you might be able to come and share this special day with me. Bring along any object (letter, shell, compass etc.) that means ‘escape’ to you.

Tickets £40/35 concessions
To book call 01225 388569

One response to “Departure Points: day school Holburne Museum, Bath 11th April 2015”

  1. This appeals to me very much, Jenny – and I have business I could usefully do in Dorset afterwards. Do you happen to know of any accommodation near to the museum? Not to worry if not – I’ll try Bath Tourist Office.

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