The place for poetry: Filmpoem 2/3/16


The place for poetry: Filmpoem

filmpoem photo5.00pm
2nd March 2016

Goldsmiths, Room RHB137
(FREE event followed by drinks)
Please email to reserve a place

As part of the ‘Place for Poetry’ Conference at Goldsmiths in May last year, the Film Poem Exhibition showed how film is used with poetry at the interface of many different disciplines, including art, medicine and politics.

Goldsmiths, The Poetry Society and Filmpoem come together to bring you an evening of poetry films, curated by Alastair Cook, with screenings from poets such as Alice Oswald, John Glenday, Vicki Feaver and Michael Symmons-Roberts. Alastair will also premiere Amerika, featuring twenty poets’ work. Alastair will be joined for the Q&A by speakers including cinematographer James William Norton, poet Jenny Lewis, Director of the Poetry Society Judith Palmer and Goldsmith’s Head of Digital Media, Mark Edmondson.

Come along, watch the work and find out how you can use this exciting medium in your own creative practice. Look at different collaborative methods, and understand simple techniques with advice and support from Goldsmiths’ Digital Media Team.

Filmpoem-Header-Logo   Poetry soc  Goldsmiths

2 responses to “The place for poetry: Filmpoem 2/3/16”

  1. Dear Jenny I am very sorry to be missing this – we are going to Morocco for ten days from 25 February, on holiday. But I also wanted to ask your advice – I’d like to record myself reading a poem that’s Antiphon has accepted, the one about Kittiwakes, and wondered if you knew anybody who’d be willing to help me make an MP3 file? Love Sarah x

    • Hallo Sarah, that sounds very exciting! It depends how professional you want the recoding to be. Did you know you can record on an iPhone? Mine is quite good quality. Otherwise, I can recommend my producer, Rowland Prytherch. He is London based but very reasonably priced and hugely helpful. Lucky you going to Morocco, my favourite place! x

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