SciPo 2016

Speakers Tony Curtis, Sarah Watkinson (Chair), Sam Guglani and Lesley Saunders, with Jenny Lewis, (‘The Poets House, Oxford) standing

Huge thanks to our distinguished panel of speakers/ poets, Tony Curtis, Lesley Saunders and Samir Guglani, and the enthusiastic poets and scientists who attended and helped to make our inaugural SciPo event (SciPo 2016) such a thrilling success. All expectations were exceeded and very healthy roots have been put down for future events. Thanks also to my co-organsier, Sarah Watkinson for her organisational skills, hard work, brilliant chairing of the panel discussion, marvellous poetry reading and added bonus of the refreshments in the SCR afterwards! Thanks also to Leona Esther Medlin of Mulfran Press, as ever, for her help, support and calming energies! Here’s to SciPo 2017!

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