The Place for Film in Poetry. 18th January 2017

Maura, Mark, Jenny, Shakira, Nick & Adnan

5.00-6.00pm, 18th January 2017


As part of the ‘Place for Poetry’ Conference at Goldsmiths in May 2015, the Film Poem Exhibition that I curated with the Head of Digital Media, Mark Edmondson showed how film can be used with poetry at the interface of many different disciplines, including art, medicine and politics. On 2nd March 2016, we ran a second session in collaboration with the Poetry Society where FilmPoem director Alistair Cook came to the college to show his films and discuss different approaches, and Judith Palmer, Director the the Poetry Society, spoke about the films the Society commissions.


By popular demand, Mark and I ran a third session on Wednesday 18th January – ‘The Place for Film in Poetry’ which looked at the technical aspects of combining poetry/ text with film to show how people might begin to use the medium in their own creative practice.


Blake Morrison and Maura Dooley were there as well as a very engaged audience which included Shakira Morar, winner of the Poetry for Peace Prize, judged by Adnan Al-Sayegh and myself. Adnan and I read a poetry extract from ‘Second Song to Inanna/ Ishtar’ before we showed our promotional video, Anthem for Gilgamesh. People said they really enjoyed Anthem for Gilgamesh and that they liked my voice. I’m not a trained singer but you might know I was once a pop/ folk singer with my friends Vashti Bunyan and Angela Strange, so I was very chuffed.


Here are some photos of the event featuring Ed Hawkesworth, Jon Berry and Rowland Prytherch (aka Red2), Tom and Tari Hawkesworth, Iraqi countryside and Imperial War Museum WW1 footage.


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