SciPo2018 Poetry Competition Results


Judge: Jane Draycott


1st: Home Thoughts from the Red Planet, Frances-Anne King

2nd: Vital Signs, Lesley Saunders

joint 3rd: Flash-flood/Quilt, Chris Poole; and Security Alert, Susan Wood
Commended (in no particular order): Sea Change, Sasha Rasmussen; Gravity Anomalies, Rowena Warwick;  Expect Extreme Weather, Pat Edwards; Deception Island, Catherine Faulds; The Ignorance of Fish, Afric McGlinchey; Unripe, Jemma Borg


1st: The Hunted, Imogen Phillips
2nd: Everything’s Fine, Daisy Stillborn
3rd: Gone, Abigail Hawkesworth

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