A Handbook of Family Monsters

A Handbook of Family Monsters, by Jenny Hawkesworth and Colin McNaughton.

Published by Dent, 1980
ISBN 460 06060 0

This invaluable guide to family monsters will enable monster owners everywere to recognise the different types of monsters to be found in the home, from the often dangerous Greater-Enraged Dad (or GREDAD) to the Persistently-Irritating-Little-Sister (or PILS) and the noisy but harmless WAWA. Practical hints and Recommended Tactics are also included to make monsters easier to live with.

Do not live with your family until you have a copy of this book.

Terry Jones (Monty Python)

The illustration (above, by Colin McNaughton) shows the Can’t-You-See-I’m-Talking Monster (or CYSIT). Recommended tactics include: Stand close to your CYSIT and stare hard at its left ear, keeping your body completely rigid. After some moments of this treatment, it is almost bound to look at you and say”What on earth do you want?” which is your opportunity to pass on the relevant information…

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